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The Swarm

"We live for the Swarm"
- The Overmind

Tutorial Video

Faction Overview

Classic Zerg.
Frail. Fast. Adaptable.

Classic BW Zerg - cheap, massable units, fast tech switches. No more injects, so macro Hatcheries will be needed. Creep cannot be spread outside of main buildings any more.

Their unit lineup is basically identical to BW, the only addition being the Leviathan as a late-game arial super unit, and the Raptor as early game harass Zergling variant.

Protip: Play it BW-style.


  • Cheap, massable and fast units
  • Can tech switch fast
  • Units can burrow
  • High life regeneration on creep


  • Lacks tough and cost-efficient units
  • Can only build on creep

Units and Tech Tree

Tt swa.png Units swa.png

Unit stats can be found in the complete unit spreadsheet:

Unique Macro Mechanics

Produces all their units from a central Hatchery.

Defensive Town Hall Ability

The Hatchery can use its Hatchery Heal ability to heal itself and units around it.

Recommended Strategies

Mass Hydra

Hydralisks are probably the most cost-effective core unit in the game. If you Drone up properly you can get a big chunk of them in early mid game, then use that for hit and run attacks while macroing up even more, getting the Hydra upgrades, and complementing them with Queens and Brutalisks.


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