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Science Vessel

Dominion caster flyer.


Minerals: 100
Gas: 250
Build Time: 60
Supply: 3


HP: 200
Energy: 200
Armour: 1
Movespeed: 2.5

Abilities and Upgrades

Defensive Matrix - 100 Energy, 20 CD
Provides a shield that absorbs 200 damage to target unit.
Irradiate - 75 Energy.
Irradiates a target. Biological units near the irradiated unit (including the target) take 8 damage per second for 30 seconds.
EMP Pulse - 75 Energy.
Removes 100 shield and energy from all enemies hit. Cloaked units hit are revealed for a short time.
Caduceus Reactors
Science Vessels have 50 more maximum and starting energy.