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F rai.png

The Raiders

"Rise and shine boys, rise and shine" - Jim Raynor

Tutorial Video

Faction Overview

Classic Terran.
Complicated. Versatile. Shrewd.

Mostly BW-like Terran, with some of the advantages of the Dominion, but added flexibility and harass potential.Their infantry is fragile but mobile, especially in late game with the Drug Resistance upgrade making stim permanent.

Their mech is very BW-like, with Vultures and Goliaths providing support for a classic Siege Tank.

Protip: Play it BW-style.


  • Fast production and added flexibility due to Tech Reactors
  • Great scouting abilities with Orbital Command
  • Mech still strong with good positioning
  • Lots of cloakable units


  • Units are rather weak on their own and need synergy to work
  • No defensive town hall ability

Units and Tech Tree

Tt rai.png Units rai.png

Unit stats can be found in the complete unit spreadsheet:

Unique Macro Mechanics

Can add Tech Reactors to any production facility, to generate huge production capacities. Can also use Calldown Supply to drop another 8 supply on a Supply Depot.

Defensive Town Hall Ability

The Raiders are the only faction without any defensive ability on their town hall, but they can calldown MORVs or additional supply.

Recommended Strategies

Early Game

Raiders have no natural defensive mechanics, so building a wall along the ramp and getting a couple of marines to fend off potential early harass is invaluable. However utilizing the supply drop ability can allow them to get a quick economic advantage. Due to tech reactors, it is also very easy for Raiders to aggressively assemble an army while researching technology off of only one barracks. Marines supported by Field Doctors can pressure unready opponents, especially with the Shell ability. Firebats can also provide a more defensive front line against melee units such as zealots and zerglings.

Mid Game

When moving into factory tech, Raiders enter a stage where they can control the game. Fielding vultures with the spider mine upgrade allows you to lay down a carpet of mines that disrupt enemy movements or trap them in their base. Additionally, when upgraded, the vultures movement speed allows them to harass poorly guarded enemy expansions, either with brute force or by placing spider mines in the mineral line. The high damage from deployed Arclite Siege Tanks allows you to fend off large swarms of enemy units. Goliaths can provide a difficult to topple front line for short range foes. Make sure you have your command center's on hotkeys so you can detect cloaked units that potentially try to focus your tanks. It is also advised to upgrade your Goliath's multi-targeting allowing them to attack ground and air, making them a powerful front line. Additionally, at this stage in the game, Raiders unlock Marauders, which give them a splash damage infantry unit that can slow enemies, however it relies on enemy targets being initially stationary to hit and won't be very good against highly mobile attackers such as upgraded Zerglings, Zealots and Stalkers.

As Raider's build a starport, they become much more dangerous. Dropships can transport high numbers of infantry directly to the enemy base or behind their front line onto valuable, vulnerable units such as Crucio Siege Tanks. Additionally banshees and wraiths are available as stealth units, providing additional stealth and harassment options.

Late Game

With the Permanent Stims upgrade your marines become extremely potent. Additionally, caster units in the form of Ravens and Spectres become available allowing Raiders to control fights, while Battlecruisers provide heavy fire support to a ground army if needed.