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F nrz.png

The Nerazim

"We strike from the shadows"
- Matriarch Vorazun

Tutorial Video

Faction Overview

Sneaky Protoss.
Delicate. Mobile. Precise.

Centered around harass, able to perform surgical strikes and retreat.

All their combat units can be warped in, but Warp Pylons have to be researched in order to build Pylons freely around the map.

Their tech buildings research the access to specific units rather than providing it directly, making them suffer less from losing them.

Protip: Harass, build hidden expansions


  • Very mobile - all units can be warped in
  • High burst damage output
  • Fast shield regeneration
  • Can rebuild and relocate easily
  • Most abilities do not require research
  • Does not lose access to units when tech buildings are lost


  • Buildings have low HP
  • Rather fragile units
  • No reliable splash damage dealers
  • Most units require lots of micro to be effective

Units and Tech Tree

Tt ner.png Units ner.png

Unit stats can be found in the complete unit spreadsheet:

Unique Macro Mechanics

All their production facilities warp in units anywhere with Pylon power. Warp Pylon upgrade has to be researched at the Cyber Core in order to be able to construct Pylons everywhere on the map.

Defensive Town Hall Ability

The Nerazim Nexus can use its Shield Boost ability to temporarily add shields to itself and nearby friendly units.

Recommended Strategies

Apocalypse Now

Spend your Terrazine on Dark Archons and make some Mana Batteries to keep them at full energy. Abuse their strong spells like Apocalypse as much as you can.