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Welcome to the HeptaCraft Wiki!

Only confirmed users can edit, lest we get raped by spambots again :(. PM summerloud on discord to get an account.

Check out information on the seven Factions:

We just started on this wiki, so there is not that much information in it yet. If you want to compare unit stats, you can still use the old link to the big unit spreadsheet:

What is HeptaCraft?

HeptaCraft is an extension mod for SC2:LotV. This means it can be played on any SC2 map as a custom game. It also has its own ladder mode (

How to play

Create a custom multiplayer game on any map on and click on "Create with extension mod". Search for "HeptaCraft". Video:

Basic design

  • 7 factions with at least 14 units each. Racial identity of the factions is much more diverse than in LotV.
  • You can random from any combination of factions.
  • Day/night cycle with different bonuses for each faction depending on time of day.
  • High ground advantage: units attacking targets on a higher cliff level attack 30% slower.
  • A third resource (Terrazine) accumulates at the same rate for all players, and is necessary to build the most powerful units and upgrades, making them not massable.
  • Hard counters have been toned down a lot, and units generally have a higher ratio of HP to damage, making battles last longer.
  • Movement speed for strong units has been decreased.
  • Air units are a lot weaker in general, mass air is not an option in most circumstances.
  • Bonus damage to attributes is used to recreate a damage model similar to BW, with units dealing bonus dmg to armored but reduced damage to light units, and vice versa.
  • Early harass units and capital ships are much more powerful now, but cannot be massed due to their Terrazine cost.
  • Controversial units and abilities have been removed: no more indestructible Force Fields, Mothership Core, Widow Mines, Siege Tank drops, etc.


  • You can now zoom further out and also zoom in without tilting the view for better overview using the mouse wheel. The camera resets to its default zoom level after 5 seconds.
  • All possible abilities and upgrades for a unit will show up on the unit's command card, making it easier to learn the game.
  • An in-game Tutorial system explains units and abilities to you as you encounter them.


  • Mineral patches now hold 1800 and 1400 minerals respectively, making bases mine out slower.
  • Harvest model is similar to BW, workers spend longer at a mineral patch, but return 8 minerals. Gas is returned at 3/trip.
  • Macro mechanics have been removed from the game, worker start is set at 7 (with the 8th worker already queued).
  • Instead of Macro mechanics, there are now unique (mostly defensive) town hall abilities for all factions. These mostly require some amount of micro and not just activation to work.
  • The supply cap can be raised up to 280 using upgrades that increase in cost.


  • More Reaper-like harassment units spice up the early game, but cannot be massed due to Terrazine cost.
  • Spellcasters now have an activatable ability to automatically keep their distance to enemy units when a-moving.
  • Smart firing has been disabled on the Siege Tank, making overkill and all the tactical possibilities for counterplay that go with it possible once again.
  • Damage point and other delays have been reduced to 0 where possible, making micro more crisp for small units.
  • Some units now move more sluggish or have low turn rates, enabling new forms of micro like real flanking from directions where units cannot fire back.
  • Creep now hinders the movement of mechanical units as well as giving a 30% movement and attack speed bonus to Infested (but not Swarm) units.



You know it was just a dream when your girlfriend turns into a shining little angel. That was what Jim Raynor's last night was all about: saving the universe alongside the woman of his life, just like in kid's bedtime stories.

But such things never occur in reality.

The Terrans had always been foolishly locked into internal conflict and strife, one ruler turning out to be worse than the next. Arcturus Mengsk leads mankind with an iron fist and is convinced his empire will withstand anything thrown its way. But Jim Raynor, pirate, criminal, rebel, leads his Raiders against weak parts of the Dominion, out of hate and blind vengeance against the man whom abandoned Sarah Kerrigan on New Gettisburg. The ghost operative had been killed by an alien lifeform, known as the Zerg.

The Swarm forever remain under the command of the Overmind and its Cerebrates, spreading throughout numerous sectors like a plague. They devour entire worlds of life and grow ever more numerous. Separate from the Zerg threat, the Infested, creations of the Swarm, endlessly seek to corrupt all which was once pure and sacred. They are like a tide of blade and tooth, sweeping and cleansing everything in their way until not one trace remains.

The mighty Protoss with their surreal technological advancements, remain separate due to the lack of a worthy leader. Their race, having already fallen prey to the Zerg on numerous occasions, is scattered and frail. But, despite having started out the same, the Khala and Nerazim nowadays share a bloody conflict out of mutual hatred for one another. They refuse to band together, even against a common enemy. Their aggresive hostility towards one another keeps them from opening their eyes to the truth: that their existence is fading.

But there is talk of darker threats on the horizon. Of men whom have allied themselves with the fiendish Taldarim in servitute to their dark god. Entire star systems have fallen silent to tales of powerful hybrid, abominations of Protoss and Zerg, enslaved to do the bidding of one whom must never be named. Fear him.

These truly are dark times... But every shadow, no matter how deep, is threatened by morning light.