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F kha.png

The Khala

"Unity is our strength"
- Executor Artanis

Tutorial Video

Faction Overview

Traditional Protoss.
Inflexible. Robust. Powerful.

Traditional old-school Protoss. Straight-up powerful without gimmicks. No more Warpgates, but raw power instead.

Their unit lineup is almost identical to BW, with the addition of Sentries for healing, Repulsors as early harass units, and Colossi for zone control.

Protip: Play it BW-style, try not to set your own units on fire when trying out the new Colossus.


  • Tough units<n/><n/>
  • Devastating AoE<n/><n/>
  • Easy to macro


  • Inflexible due to expensive tech buildings<n/><n/>
  • Most abilities require research<n/><n/>
  • Slow and prone to harass

Units and Tech Tree

Tt kha.png Units kha.png

Unit stats can be found in the complete unit spreadsheet:

Defensive Town Hall Ability

The Khala Nexus can use Stasis to freeze units in a small area.

Recommended Strategies

Early Game

Khala are very potent early game with the right unit composition. Spending early Terrazine on a Repulsor can allow Khala to control battles against light units, especially those with short or melee range. With some dragoon or zealot support, Khala can pressure out an opponent off of one or two gateways and a cybernetics core. However, it is important to know that zealots are vulnerable to kiting and dragoons are very poor at kiting. If a Khala player wishes to commit to a fight early game it is difficult to run chase or run away. Fortunately both units are very potent in strength. A sentry, while expensive for gas, provides a large advantage against many enemy forces that could provide a threat.

Mid Game

In the mid game the Templar Archives, Stargate and Robotics Facility all become available, giving Khala the chance to enhance their army in many ways. Templar Archives enable players to enhance their Zealots or quickly access High Templar and Archon who have extremely potent area of effect damage. Accessing the Stargate provides Corsairs or Scouts with excellent anti-air abilities. The Robotics Bay makes available Observers and Shuttles. When paired with Reavers, Shuttles can become a devastating harassment unit, or can simply deliver a group of Zealots into the enemy mineral line to cause havoc. It is important to maintain a high number of gateways to continually reinforce the army with Zealots and Dragoons as they are the stock that will defend other units that can potentially win you the game.

Late Game

If the sheer strength of Dragoons, Zealots and High Templar have not beaten the opponent, powerful units become available to the Khala that can easily bring about victory. An upgrade in the Cybernetics Core allows your defeated zealots to respawn as dragoons for cheap, allowing you to keep a steady stream of soldiers even if your army is defeated. The Colossus has no attack, but has a powerful targeted ability that lights the ground on fire for an extended period of time and deals massive damage to any units that pass through it. It does not cost Terrazine. Carriers can provide a powerful air unit that draws the focus of anti-air fire while whittling down the enemy army. The Arbiter is an extremely potent support caster that provides stealth for all units near it and can turn the tides with its abilities.

It is important for all players to know that Khala do not have many options for long range sieging and are very vulnerable to it. Ensure you have vision and do not walk into a group of siege tanks or fall victim to standing still in the fire of inaccurate artillery such as harriers or maggots.