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F inf.png

The Infested

"We are without number"
- Brood Mother Niadra

Tutorial Video

Faction Overview

Funky Zerg.
Feeble. Persistent. Devious.

A mix of infested Terran creatures and Zerg evolutions. Brood Mothers construct their buildings and serve as central mobile production facilities that can be upgraded to unlock higher-tier units.

Infested Colonies produce a range of Infested Terran units, from the cheap massable Infested Marines up to the mighty Aberration or the powerful Angel.

Protip: Don't attack head-on, abuse Nydus Worms.


  • Unlimited production capacities with Brood Mothers
  • Can spread creep, giving their units a movement and attack speed bonus
  • Fast life regeneration
  • Most units can move while burrowed
  • Has lots of map vision with creep tumors


  • Weak units with low DPS
  • Hard to mount a frontal assault offcreep
  • Can be crippled by sniping their Brood Mothers

Units and Tech Tree

Tt inf.png Units inf.png

Unit stats can be found in the complete unit spreadsheet:

Unique Macro Mechanics

Infested Brood Mothers can spawn an unlimited amount of units instantly. Infested Terran units are produced at the Infested Colony, and their production can be set to autocast.

Defensive Town Hall Ability

The Brood Hive can spawn Banelings with timed life.

Recommended Strategies

Early Game

Getting gas before your Roach Warren allows you to build Infested Commanders, with a long range attack that can fend off early harass. This can allow Infested players to focus on early macro mechanics and propel them to an advantage in the mid-game where they are strongest.