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F dom.png

The Dominion

"My empire was built to last." - Emperor Mengsk

Tutorial Video

Faction Overview

Defensive Terran.

Sluggish. Tough. Tenacious.

A behemoth that is hard to stop when it focuses its power somewhere, but easily outmaneuvered when caught off guard.

Their bio forces are slow but strong when upgraded, and their mech forces possess unrivaled range and firepower.

Protip: Use the Medic's Optical Flare ability to provide vision for your Siege Tanks.


  • Very tough units
  • Excellent defense with Planetary Fortresses
  • Huge range with Siege Tanks
  • Nearly unstoppable if set up right.


  • Slow
  • Horrible at scouting
  • Requires a lot of buildings to macro and upgrades to be efficient

Units and Tech Tree

Tt dom.png Units dom.png

Unit stats can be found in the complete unit spreadsheet:

Production Facilities and Units

Italics indicates an attached Tech Lab requirement.

1Requires Armory 2Requires Fusion Core 3Requires Science Facility

Other Buildings

1Requires Dominion Barracks 2Requires Dominion Factory 3Requires Dominion Starport

Unique Macro Mechanics

  • Differentiates itself from the Raiders by way of the Tech Lab/Reactor split.
  • Can research Advanced Construction at the Engineering Bay in order to allow multiple SCVs to construct a single building.

Defensive Town Hall Ability

The Planetary Fortress's Ibiks Cannon can be activated for 100 energy, giving the command center a ~30 damage attack for ten seconds

Terrazine Research

Cloning Program: Reduces basic infantry unit mineral costs by 30, vespene costs by 40% and reduces the build time of marines by 7 seconds.

Recommended Strategies

Early Game

Dominion typically utilize a wall of structures along their ramp with infantry behind to ward off early harassment. This is usually followed by one or two Cereberus sent out to assault the enemies mineral lines in their main base or first expansion. Due to the power of the Ibiks cannon only very strong early pushes can topple a Dominion expansion so long as they have supporting forces.

Mid Game

The Dominion shines in the mid game when their Crucio Siege Tanks can come into play. Little compares to the range they boast allowing you to siege an opponent in or force them away from your base. However tanks do need protection. Typhoons are Dominions best anti-air, with range strong enough to match that of long range aerial siege and many dangerous casters such as Mantis or Advisors. Some form of high ground vision, usually from Medic Optical Flare or Science Vessels. Marines or Cerberus should be used as a frontline to defend against fast melee attackers such as zerglings and fanatics that could surround tanks.

Late Game

With Cloning Vats, the Dominion can provide a near-endless supply of soldiers to keep the enemy from their powerful tanks. Alternatively the Dominion can try to use powerful late game units like the Thor or Gorgon. These units bring massive firepower that allow them to lay waste to large forces thanks to their range and abilities. However these units are highly immobile and must do most of their damage facing forwards, so should the front line fail they can become vulnerable.