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The Covenant

"Ascendance is near"
- Dr. Narud, CEO of Moebius Inc.
- Alarak, Highlord of the Tal'Darim

Tutorial Video

Faction Overview

Fusion style.
Expensive. Potent. Flexible.

An alliance of the Terran Moebius Corp. and the Protoss Tal'Darim sect, capable of creating Hybrids.

Moebius structures are built by SCVs, and their units all come from the Compound, while Tal'Darim and Hybrid structures as well as Tal'Darim units are warped in by the Tal'Darim Mothership.

Protip: Never stop producing Tal'Darim units - they are very cost-efficient.


  • Very versatile
  • Fastest units in the game
  • Good scouting potential with Orbital Update
  • Cost-effective Tal'Darim units
  • Powerful Hybrid units


  • Moebius units are fragile and costly
  • Tal'Darim unit production is limited
  • Hybrids are very expensive

Units and Tech Tree

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Unit stats can be found in the complete unit spreadsheet:

Unique Macro Mechanics

All Moebius units are built at the Moebius Compound, which can build two units at a time. All Tal'Darim units are produced at the Tal'Darim Mothership, which also builds all Tal'Darim and Hybrid structures. Hybrid units are produced at the Hybrid Cell.

Defensive Town Hall Ability

The Moebius Command Dome can use Orbital Strike to deal 100 damage to ground units in a small radius.

Recommended Strategies

Early Game

Covenant must be very careful in the early game as many early pressure builds can leave them vulnerable.


Summon a Tal'Darim anvil early and send one or more devotees to scout or harass your enemy. You want at least one to die so that you can summon an Ascendant. In the event of early pressure, an Ascendant can drive off a bio attack or do serious damage to immobile units. If your opponent sends harassing forces, ensure you have a few warbots and utilize your orbital cannon from your command dome.


An early military of Warbots and Droids can fend off early harassment, but can fall vulnerable to higher-ranged and mobile forces, such as stalkers or upgraded dragoons. It is important to take advantage of high ground and deny your enemy vision where you can. If your opponent lacks early anti-air options (such as Dominion or Infested) building a squad of cobras can allow you to scout and harass your opponent effectively. Cobras can also help to drive away a dominant ground force, but be wary of their vulnerability.


By this time Covenant typically have a reasonable military of Warbots with some supporting Ascendents. The Covenant player must be prepared for their opponents next choice in unit. Frigates make for a powerful tool against air units and can be upgraded with Tesla Cannon, allowing them to fire a powerful bolt at a ground target. If your opponent has a mostly ground army it is still advised to have at least one or two frigate to pick off any air-detectors or casters they might have. Harrier's can also come into play, bringing a powerful artillery force that can enable the Covenant to pressure an enemy army or base. If resources are abundant, Covenant should be teching into Advisor's and Hybrids. Against tough implacements such as tanks, utilize Advisor's nanomachine swarm.

Late Game

Hybrids come in a variety of powerful forms and can easily be mixed into any unit composition. However it is important to not overlook your other units, as they will provide the support or frontline that your hybrids need to let them deal damage. Advisors can provide a powerful cloaking field to prevent the enemy from seeing your forces in an engagement, which can easily turn the tides.