Welcome to HeptaCraft ladder!

New players start with a score of 1000.
The amount of points you gain for a win depends on the difference between your own and your opponent's score. [details]

Every 24h you get +7 bonus points for a finished game, no matter the outcome.
(started on 2016-07-14)

Every 7 days you can reset your own ladder score to 1000. [details]

Anyone can participate - no registration required!
If something doesnt work, ask for help on Discord or contact me.

Technical details [expand]

Current Season: 1
Started on: 2016-04-30

For the time being, the community settled on not organizing the ladder in seasons.

Instead, everyone gets to reset their own ladder score to 1000 once per week.

Ladder rank will determine the seed for all HeptaCraft tourneys
The rules are simple: More rules [expand]

View a list of the last 25 games, to see activity on the ladder or check if your game registered correctly.

List of the last 25 games

All times are UTC +01:00.
Player names are colored according to the faction they played.
If both players are running the client, the game should register with status "running" soon after it is started.

Possible problems:

status = "no P2 file" - Only Player 1 successfuly uploaded his bank files.
status = "timeout" - Player 2 uploaded his bank files too late, likely because client was not running at the start of the game.
chksum = "invalid" - Ladder checksum was invalid. These games still count as of now, as there is a bug in the game that sometimes causes this.
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