How to play HeptaCraft

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How to play HeptaCraft

Postby summerloud » Fri 27. May 2016, 14:18

You only need StarCraft II, even Starter Edition will do, Legacy of the Void is not required.
All you have to do is set your expansion level to "Legacy of the Void" in Game Options.

See here how to host a game:

Short description:
1) Select "Multiplayer" from the menu
2) Pick any standard melee map (Blizzard's new balance test maps will NOT work!)
3) Click on "Create with mod"
4) Search for "hepta"
5) Profit

2017-02-04: Update: Apparently, the search function for mods is broken on right now (way to go, Blizzard...) - you can find HeptaCraft under most played if you scroll down a bit... its around place 25 on NA...

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