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by summerloud
Sun 28. Aug 2016, 08:28
Forum: Replays
Topic: all of Renie's games from hepta5 tourney
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all of Renie's games from hepta5 tourney
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by summerloud
Thu 25. Aug 2016, 21:36
Forum: Replays
Topic: 2 games from IraFunesta
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2 games from IraFunesta

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by summerloud
Mon 22. Aug 2016, 13:54
Forum: Announcements
Topic: HeptaCraft features
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HeptaCraft features

HeptaCraft is a multiplayer extension mod for SC2, playable on any melee map with any version of SC2 (including starter's) on any region. A Korean translation project has recently started by some dedicated Korean players in our community. "/join HeptaCraft" on or come...
by summerloud
Mon 22. Aug 2016, 13:15
Forum: Announcements
Topic: HeptaCraft design goals
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HeptaCraft design goals

This is an overview of the gameplay design goals for HeptaCraft and how it compares to LotV If you'd rather just see the game in action, I would recommend watching a couple of games or casts from previous tournaments:
by summerloud
Thu 11. Aug 2016, 14:22
Forum: Announcements
Topic: Version history / patch notes
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Re: Version history / patch notes

2016-04-27 Beta v0.6.5 Changes: - Reworked starting triggers, everything (except ladder mode) should now work for up to 8 players. Balance: - Covenant Summon Void Thrasher research cost reduced from 300/300/100 to 200/200. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------...
by summerloud
Wed 10. Aug 2016, 07:10
Forum: Replays
Topic: all of apocalypse's games from the tourney
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all of apocalypse's games from the tourney

Tournament_Round_2_game_1_Apocalypse_Nez_vs_WildCard_Swarm.SC2Replay Tournament_Round_2_game_2_Apocalypse_vs_Wildcard.SC2Replay Tournament_round_3_Game_1_Apocalypse_Vs_Yuey.SC2Replay Tournament_round_3_Game_2_Apocalypse_vs_Yuey.SC2Replay Tournament_Losers_round_3_game_1_Apocalypse_vs_Scaphism.SC2Re...
by summerloud
Thu 4. Aug 2016, 20:40
Forum: Replays
Topic: 2 infested replays from renio
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2 infested replays from renio

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by summerloud
Tue 2. Aug 2016, 18:26
Forum: Replays
Topic: recent games from our top ladder players
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recent games from our top ladder players

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